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Introducing a New Concept

Let's Play Mandarin

The Early Chapter

A Clubhouse for children filled with fun play and immersive activities for Chinese language learning.


Benefits Learning From Us

* Pick up Mandarin through our curated activities

* Gain Knowledge, uncover hidden talents in your child

* Develops your child holistically

* Access to 1200 story+ pictorial books

* 120 smart toys, constant refreshed

* Free use of facilities even after activities ended

* Easy signup process- buy tokens, enjoy membership

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Start Your Mandarin Learning Journey Here

Our Regular Programmes

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Prep 1-2 year old

Your 1 to 2 year old may be practically running or may still be summoning the courage for those first steps, and probably saying "Mama" and "Papa"...

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Jr Explorer 2-6 year old

Your 2-year old is likely playing pretend, sorting stuff into categories and is getting more verbal every day, sometimes whiny...

Jr Chef Parry

Jr Chef 2-6 year old

As your 2-year old baby continues to grow, you might find their confidence growing too. This can mean becoming braver about trying new things...

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Jr Storymaker 3-6 year old

In some countries, kids as young as four learn to read and write. In others, they don't start until seven. According to the Sensitive Periods, reading sensitivity...

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Let's Role Play 3-6 year old

The 3-6 year old want to know how everything works and aren’t afraid to ask questions. You may experience a wide range of behaviours...

Join Us As Member

Membership Benefits

  • Priority Booking of all activities.
  • Daily free access to enjoy the facilities of the Clubhouse.
  • Borrow of pictorial books.(2 books each time for 2 weeks)
  • Receive "words & sentences of the day" videos after every session.
  • Member's exclusive includes 1 to 1 coaching, Play and Learn (half day/full day), Lunch and Care (daily 12:30-14:30), customized programmes (i.e., Birthday, Parent-child Workshop, Camp & CCA), member's birthday & special programmes.
  • Member's discount for customized programmes.
  • 1 additional token / 50 FF Miles Bonus for every referral. (If the referral  becomes a new member)
  • Additional 3%-5% discount for every renewal.

Happy Faces of Our Students

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Drop us a line to find out more!

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