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Timmy Ten

We have been joining The Early Chapter for 3 months now and it has been a fun and engaging play-based environment for my son to enjoy learning mandarin! The facilitators are so diligent and enthusiastic and my son has thoroughly enjoyed activities like the Let’s role play and Junior Chef. This is a very special and unique clubhouse for children. Highly recommended!

Timmy Ten

Parent: Stella Ten


Thank you to the teachers at Early Learning Chapter, Amelia has really enjoyed her weekly lessons there and has become more confident in speaking Mandarin as well, all thanks to engaging, patient teachers there, and the wonderful facilities and activities they have planned and arranged thoughtfully for the kids to enjoy.


Parent: Agnes


Joji looks forward to attending TEC sessions every week. He especially likes "Jr. Chef" programme that provides seasonal cooking experiences with the introduction of some Mandarin words and phrase.

He also enjoys another programme, "Let's Role Play”- Being a doctor, police officer, firefighter and etc., He finds knowledge and tips relevant to his real life.

I and my husband are not Mandarin speakers, so we appreciate that Joji has another opportunity to speak Mandarin together with well-laid activities in TEC. Before he joined TEC, he had felt difficulties to Mandarin lessons in his pre-school and sometimes showed a hesitation in going to school. But after joining TEC, Joji has actively enjoyed leaning Mandarine and recovered his confidence.

My son loves TEC, where he can learn Mandarin for fun.


Parent: Mao Harada

The Early Chapter gives my children a great advantage to pick up their Mother Tongue. It is also a great opportunity for them to be acquainted with our cultural roots and traditions. They love the programmes and could follow through with the activities. I am very grateful for their well-thought activities and attractive teaching materials week after week. Well done, Team!

陈胜富 & 陈胜哲

Parent: Wen Qiang


Before we get to know about the early chapter, my son has zero interest in mandarin speaking and refused to speak mandarin. after attending classes at the early chapter, he suddenly became very interested in learning mandarin. all thanks to the facilitators and the interesting activities planned. he can speak mandarin in complete sentences now! love the songs too!

Zarien Ng

Parent: Wu Xueli

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