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When is the best time to pick up a Language?

A Window in Development of the Child Sensitive periods are periods of psychological development in the child.  This period is a time of limited duration. During the sensitive periods, the child has very powerful capacities and is able to do great things and make very important acquisitions, like
Children learn languages with great ease during the Language Sensitive Period and have the innate ability to learn languages through their senses. With this in mind, The Early Chapter designed fun activities that stimulate children’s senses and provide a space to enhance their use of the language, and to make them fall in love with Mandarin.

"We learn language almost effortlessly"

Children have innate language learning ability

0-2 years old – Language Input

2-4 years old – Language Output

4-6 years old – Logical Reasoning Development

Most of time children learn through their senses:

Touch, Sight, Hearing, Smell, Taste

At The Early Chapter, we advocate Play-Based Learning and strive on providing an environment for the children to speak and fall in love with Mandarin.
We prioritize children’s happiness as an indicator in learning Mandarin.
To give children more exposure to Mandarin and to break away from the traditional classroom-learning approach. We engage children to speak and apply Mandarin in their living context!

Our Purpose

To empower every child with more options in their lives – by laying strong foundations in Mandarin through fun and effective ways to open more international opportunities at work, play and relationships in future.

Our Vision

We see a world where every child grows up to become fine adults who can articulate and pursue their dreams without limitations anywhere in the world.

Our Mission

To create a fun and enjoyable community where children immerse in the use of the Chinese language as they embark on a world of exploration, creativity, and camaraderie.

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